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Spring Session of the Saskatchewan Legislature Gets Underway

March 4, 2024

Today marked the start of the Fourth Session of the Twenty-ninth Legislature at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina.  The spring session is scheduled for 40 sitting days, which will include the tabling of the 2024-2025 provincial budget on Wednesday, March 20. This will likely be the final legislative session ahead of the provincial election set for October 28, 2024.

Even with the recent announcement that four prominent government ministers will not be seeking re-election, those MLAs  will retain their current cabinet postings  to start the session.

Topics likely to be brought to the floor of the Legislature include affordability, health care, economic growth and the ongoing contract negotiations and possible job action involving the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation. 

There are also more than 15 pieces of legislation currently under consideration by the Legislature.  A few more bills will likely be brought forward during the first month of sitting coinciding with the Budget being tabled on March 20. With budgetary estimates for all ministries, agencies and Crown corporations moving to committee consideration in April,  the Standing Committees of the Legislature will be kept busy.

Meanwhile, party nomination meetings are scheduled for the next few months for both the governing Saskatchewan Party and the Saskatchewan NDP.  The Saskatchewan Party has now nominated 38 candidates for the 2024 provincial election, while the NDP have nominated more than half of their candidates vying for the 61 seats available. After the Legislative session wraps up on May 16, we can expect candidates and MLAs to be on the doorsteps and at the local coffee shops, right up until the October election, engaging constituents on the issues that matter to them.

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