Elysa Darling

Senior Strategy Advisor

Elysa Darling has earned a reputation for tenacity in pursuing organizations’ strategic communications and government relations goals.

Elysa joins Prairie Sky after working with the Digital Supercluster, where she led corporate communications, government relations, global public relations, and member engagement. She successfully championed Digital’s efforts to obtain a re-investment of $750 million from the Government of Canada in Budget 2022 for the Global Innovation Cluster Program.

Elysa is passionate about cultivating productive government relationships at both the federal and provincial level. She knows how to create attention-grabbing messaging that resonate with public, private, and government stakeholders, and has deep experience overseeing media outreach and engagement initiatives – both online and conventional. Elysa has extensive experience working with Indigenous clients, as well as enterprise and SME companies in the tech sector.

Elysa is a skilled lawyer who previously practiced in Indigenous corporate law prior to teaching at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law, where she co-created an Indigenous Business Law course on corporate commercial law and its application on reserve lands.

When Elysa isn’t chasing after her daughter and two dogs, she enjoys watching and reading horror, getting out in the mountains with her husband, or a great workout with friends. Elysa currently serves on the Board of Directors of Quest Theatre.

What we do:

At Prairie Sky Strategy we develop the strategy to bridge the gap between where your organization is today, and where you want it to be tomorrow. 

You have growth objectives. You may have regulatory challenges. You may be headquartered in another jurisdiction and need “boots on the ground” in-market providing local insights, analysis and execution. That’s where Prairie Sky comes in.  

We assist local, national and international organizations to identify barriers to success, and develop and implement a strategic roadmap to capitalize on the endless opportunities in Western Canada and beyond.

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