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Latest Fiscal Results Highlight Saskatchewan’s Resource Rollercoaster

The year-end financial results published today by the Government of Saskatchewan surprisingly shows the province was in the black for the recent fiscal year.  

The Government of Saskatchewan released its Financial Results for the previous fiscal year (that ended March 31st, 2024) revealed an Operating Surplus of $182 million.  That is $835 million less than originally forecast when the budget was released in March of 2023; however, it is significantly better than the $482.5 million deficit that was projected after the 3rd Quarter update was released. 

The Government came under heavy criticism by media pundits and the Opposition NDP during the course of the year for running a deficit after forecasting a surplus. However, these final results show the extreme volatility in resource revenues and unanticipated expenses, primarily due to extreme drought conditions in some areas of the province and the subsequent crop insurance payouts.  The link to Public Accounts, Volume 1 are attached below.

The provincial election is scheduled for October 28th later this year.

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