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At Prairie Sky Strategy we develop the strategy to bridge the gap between where your organization is today, and where you want it to be tomorrow. 

You have growth objectives. You may have regulatory challenges. You may be headquartered in another jurisdiction and need “boots on the ground” in-market providing local insights, analysis and execution. That’s where Prairie Sky comes in.  

We assist local, national and international organizations to identify barriers to success, and develop and implement a strategic roadmap to capitalize on the endless opportunities in Western Canada and beyond.

We deliver with an expert team in the following areas.

Local Insight And Strategy

your bridge to local connected advisors

At the core of what we do at Prairie Sky is local insight and strategy from our expert team of local advisors throughout Western Canada. 

With a combined experience of 250+ years in the highest levels of government and business in Western Canada, our team specializes in three key areas to help your business grow: Government Relations and Public Affairs, Business Development and Management Consulting particularly focused on the agri-business sector.

Government Relations and Public Affairs

Your Bridge To Government

Solving issues and working with governments can be challenging due to their complexity, constantly changing personnel and large organizational structure.

We simplify government.

Our experienced team has worked in the highest levels of Western Canadian government, including former cabinet ministers, Chiefs of Staff, Ministerial Assistants, and staff members serving in Prime Ministers’ offices in Ottawa and more.

That experience means we can help navigate the various structures to build a bridge to a positive relationship with local, provincial or national governments.  

Our team will work with you to provide:

  • Strategic advice on the most effective way to engage with government
  • Market insights to understand the current and future political and policy trends
  • Simplify permitting and regulatory processes to ensure projects are on time and budget    
  • Creating concise and compelling presentations and key messages to government
  • Helping you identify and access government funding programs
  • Strategic communications and advocacy to ensure your message is heard

The key is building a positive and productive long-term working relationship with the right people in government.

Management Consulting

Your Bridge to Expert Advice

Our focus is to ensure your organization has a clear strategy to achieve enhanced productivity and profitability. 

We make business simple by reducing the noise, clarifying your approach and ensuring a roadmap for sustainable growth.  

There are a number of ways our team can help:

  • Strategy – clarifying your vision, mission, values, goals and helping you build an executable plan to turn that vision into reality.
  • Agribusiness – Agriculture is one of the leading contributors to our prairie economy which is why we have chosen to focus on providing services to this important sector that includes:
      • Operational performance assessment/coaching
      • Post-merger integration
      • Executive coaching/training
  • Transition Management – Our team has experience leading organizations at the highest level which allows us to assist your organization transition between leadership teams.

Business Development

Your Bridge to New Opportunities

To achieve sustainable growth, you need a strategy to attract and retain clients and continually fill your sales funnel.

We work with your team to provide the following:

  • Strategy Development – creating a plan to grow your market share based on an 8-step business development process to help you assess your unique value proposition, identify target market(s), develop strategy to generate awareness and assist with engaging with new clients to explore new opportunities.  Prairie Sky’s team has been developing business for decades and we have a proven track record of success.
  • Strategic Communications – helping develop your strategic approach to communications and public opinion sharing and helping deliver your message to the right audience in the right way, whether through digital communications, traditional advertising, open houses, webinars, one-on-one meetings, we help you get your message across in the most compelling way.  
  • Introductions/Connections – This where the “rubber hits the road”.  Our experienced team is able to assist you with introductions or connections to the companies in your target markets.  

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