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Spring Session Wraps Up in Saskatchewan

May 16, 2024

The Saskatchewan Legislature wrapped up its Spring Session today with MLA’s departing back to their respective constituencies in preparation for the upcoming provincial election, expected to be held on or before October 28th this year.  The last few days have seen retiring MLA’s give their farewell speeches in the legislature.  A total of 21 Government MLA’s and 2 Opposition MLA’s will not be on the ballot in the next election as they have decided to not seek office again or lost their respective nomination races.  The polls continue to show the governing Saskatchewan Party holding a lead over the Opposition NDP, but many pundits believe this race will tighten and will be a closer one than recent elections in the province.

During this latest legislative session, the Government focused on investing in health, education and building the economy through a concerted effort to increase trade opportunities for commodities produced in the Province.  The Opposition NDP focused primarily on the cost of living, the on-going teacher’s contract dispute, and individual healthcare situations, often bringing people to the Legislature to highlight their stories.  Spring seeding is well underway and rainfall throughout the province has provided a good start to the annual crop season.  The main political parties will finalize nomination of their respective candidates in the next few weeks and the candidates will be out door-knocking and attending community events throughout the summer.  Prairie Sky Strategy will keep you apprised of any major developments in the run-up to the election.

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