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Parliament Rises for the Holidays

Following the recent election, the first session of the 44th Parliament began on November 22nd. Parliament adjourned for the holiday season on Dec 17th and is scheduled to return on January 31st. Here are the highlights from the brief time Parliament sat before the holidays:

  • Election of the Speaker
  • Speech from the Throne
  • Establishment of committees and election of chairs
  • Federal Fall Economic and Fiscal Update
  • Introduction of several Bills
  • Royal Assent of the following Bills:
    • C-6 (Supplementary Estimates B)
    • C-2 (further COVID-19 relief)
    • C-3 (protecting health workers from harassment)

After the holiday break, Committees will begin to formulate their respective agendas while the government moves to implement their overall plans.

Two things to watch for prior to the resumption of Parliament in the new year: a shuffling of Deputy Ministers and some clarification on the status of the current interim Clerk of the Privy Council (senior public servant).

Prairie Sky Strategy wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

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