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Parliament Adjourns For The Summer

June 24, 2022

Yesterday, the House Leaders of each political party in Parliament agreed to adjourn the legislative session for the summer and resume on September 19th. The Senate is expected to sit into next week. Parliament has passed 14 pieces of legislation including the budget implementation bill, assuring no provinces loses electoral ridings and a bill dealing with crimes committed in a state of extreme intoxication. The Senate may pass a further bill dealing with some mandatory minimums.

Some of the significant topics during the session included:

  • Budget 2022
  • War in Ukraine
  • Liberal/NDP Supply and Confidence Agreement
  • Inflation
  • Implementation of the Emergencies Act
  • Logistics and transportation issues
  • Conservative Party of Canada leadership

The debates on many of these topics will continue throughout the summer and the break will give Members of Parliament and Senators time to interact directly with Canadians.
The government still has several bills that they will deal with in the fall including new firearms legislation and a bill that will make web companies compensate news organizations for content.

On the political party front, the Conservative Party of Canada is scheduled to pick its new leader on September 10th with six candidates vying for the top job. The deadline for new members who can vote in the leadership has now closed and the candidates will spend the summer trying to gain the support of existing

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