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Manitoba Inks $633 million in Health Care Deals with Federal Government

February 15, 2024

“More doctors. More nurses. Shorter wait times.”

This was the united pledge made today in Winnipeg by Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau, and Manitoba’s Premier, Wab Kinew, who signed two health care agreements worth $633 million for the province over the next three to five years. The federal funding has been largely earmarked by the Premier in support of the election commitments made by the New Democratic Party (NDP) last fall.

Red River College Polytech Nursing School provided the backdrop for the live announcement, which featured nine Manitoba and federal representatives, including Manitoba’s Minister of Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care, Uzoma Asagwara, as well as Federal Health Minister, Mark Holland.

Premier Kinew began his remarks by speaking directly about the province’s health care workers: “it’s time for us to take better care of the people who take care of us.”

The Prime Minister, the Premier and both federal and provincial health ministers spoke about addressing the most acute health care needs: training more doctors and nurses, expanding incentives to attract and retain health care workers, reducing barriers to internationally-trained health professionals, reducing wait times, and increasing access to mental health care.

Almost $200 million of the total funds will be dedicated to the needs of Manitoba’s seniors, whether at home, in hospital, or in long-term care.

This new federal funding will provide the Manitoba government with many future opportunities for related announcements, leading up to and perhaps as part of, the upcoming provincial budget, which has not yet been scheduled.

Premier Kinew stated the funding would directly support what he called their “4-3-2-1 plan,” which references his government’s goal to hire 400 more doctors, 300 more nurses, 200 paramedics, and 100 home care workers.

Manitoba is the third jurisdiction to announce simultaneous agreements under the federal government’s Working Together and Aging with Dignity action plans.

Prairie Sky Strategy will continue to provide timely updates as the Manitoba Government implements these funding agreements in the weeks to come.

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