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Government Made Simple: 5 Ways Governments Can Support the Success of a Business

Too often, governments are viewed as a barrier to running a successful business. They are seen as large bureaucratic organizations with an opaque decision-making process and counterintuitive objectives. While sometimes that can be the case, ultimately the role of government is to ensure business and society operate under a rules-based structure and share mutually beneficial objectives. Here are 5 ways government can support the success of a business (in no particular order):

  1. Ensuring a rules-based level playing field: Most companies are ready and willing to go head-to-head with their competitors. Government can play a significant role by allowing them to do so on a clearly defined level playing field.
  2. Creating an output based regulatory approach: Regulating one part of a business can have negative/opposite effects on another part. Taking a wholistic approach can help find balance and ultimately drive efficiencies.
  3. Facilitating international trade/investment: When looking at new markets, the Canadian government can help by providing a suite of supports such as advice, investment protection and political insurance.
  4. Supporting the competition of capital across jurisdictions: Every organization internally faces some form of competition for capital deployment. Government can help make some of those decisions easier.
  5. Providing essential infrastructure: Depending on a businesses’ needs, government-built infrastructure for things like power, roads or financial instruments can be very important and specific.

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