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British Columbia Becomes First Province to Sign New Federal Health Accord

The Government of British Columbia achieved a significant milestone this week as the first province to sign onto the new Federal Health Accord.  The deal, which will mean $12 billion in improvements to access, quality and sustainability of healthcare services over the next 3 years, was announced by Premier David Eby and federal Minister of Health, Mark Holland.  The central objectives of this agreement are to enhance patient care with investments in medical facilities, hiring and retention of health care professionals, and the reduction of wait times.

BC’s action plan is focused on an “innovative model of care” that would allow increased nursing time in 83 acute-care centres throughout the province and would more than double the number of Foundry centres, which focus on mental health, substance abuse, and wellness for youth and their families.

In addition to direct patient care improvements, the funds will support innovation in research and technology, making British Columbia a leader in medical advancements.  The accord has a strong emphasis on data collection and sharing and the adoption of digital health records.

The accord also emphasizes the importance of reducing healthcare inequities among diverse populations and ensuring that all BC residents have equal access to care regardless of economic status or geographic location.  The government has committed to work with the First Nations Health Authority to improve culturally appropriate service provision and trauma-informed care.

Moreover, the funding will be instrumental in strengthening public health measures, improving pandemic preparedness, and supporting vulnerable populations. 

The agreement reflects the federal government’s commitment to partnering with provinces to build a more resilient healthcare system that can adapt to evolving challenges, such as public health emergencies.

The federal government is in negotiations with all provinces as part of their $196 billion, 10-year national health accord announced in February.

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