Senior Strategy Advisor

With over three decades of experience in private industry, non-profit, and public service, Tracey is a skilled relationship builder. She has successfully cultivated partnerships with businesses, government, community leaders, and non-profit organizations. Tracey’s leadership roles, including serving as Deputy Minister in the Manitoba government and as President of the Bioscience Association Manitoba, resulted in significant outcomes for all partners. Her ability to drive collaboration and achieve results makes her an asset to any endeavor.

Throughout her career, she has dedicated herself to enhancing the community through innovative solutions. Her approach involves working closely with internal and external partners to develop initiatives aligned with collective goals. She believes that by building a strong community, we can ensure everyone will have the chance to achieve their potential.

Tracey joined the Manitoba government in 2020 as a deputy minister and led the departments of Economic Development, Advanced Education, and Immigration through COVID-19 by focusing on developing timely and creative solutions to the unprecedented challenges faced by  Manitoba communities. As a result of thoughtfully developed strategic plans, she has driven significant change at several organizations, including the Bioscience Association Manitoba and Research Manitoba.

She has served on numerous boards, from small non-profits to some of the largest organizations in her home province, including Manitoba Technology Accelerator, Research Manitoba, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation, and the Concordia Hospital. She believes that fostering robust connections across all organizational levels facilitates open dialogue and offers the chance to collectively explore and craft solutions with valuable input from all stakeholders.

What we do:

At Prairie Sky Strategy we develop the strategy to bridge the gap between where your organization is today, and where you want it to be tomorrow. 

You have growth objectives. You may have regulatory challenges. You may be headquartered in another jurisdiction and need “boots on the ground” in-market providing local insights, analysis and execution. That’s where Prairie Sky comes in.  

We assist local, national and international organizations to identify barriers to success, and develop and implement a strategic roadmap to capitalize on the endless opportunities in Western Canada and beyond.

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